Organic Sea Buckthorn Butter 200g


Our highly moisturizing, vegan, and 100% Organic Sea Buckthorn Butter uses only three key ingredients. It is nourishing and helps protects very dry skin with long lasting moisture. It’s seriously buttery, and smells nutty. It sinks into your skin in minutes, leaving you feeling softer and smoother without feeling sticky. 

Meet the three super hero ingredients and learn more about why each one is essential: 

Cocoa Butter is rich in important fatty acids that are greatly beneficial for skin. It helps add moisture to the skin, reduces the signs of aging, reduce burns, soothe skin before and after shaving, and may reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It creates a protective barrier that holds in moisture and prevents your skin from drying.

Shea Butter is a skin superfood that comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) tree and that is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F. It offers UV protection (it is spa ~6) and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutrients necessary for collagen production. 

Sea Buckthorn Oil has over 190 bioactive nutrients and is backed by many clinical studies that it may help relief and prevent skin problems like acne, eczema and psoriasis, skin scarring, along with moisturizing the skin, and traditionally used for burns or sunburns.

Ingredients: Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil, Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter, Organic Fair Trade Cocoa Butter. 

Usage: Apply on clean, exfoliated skin. Melt in the palms of your hand and apply to affected area in a circular motion. For best results, use regularly. 

Vegan! No Added Parabens! No Added Phthalates! No Added Gluten! No Added Palm!

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